• Advances in Fatigue Crack Closure Measurement & Analysis

Advances in Fatigue Crack Closure Measurement & Analysis

  • Book by ASTM International, 08/01/1999
  • Publisher: ASTM
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STP 1343 features 28 peer-reviewed papers addressing development in fatigue crack growth (FTG) and fatigue life management. Worldwide leaders in the field provide their latest findings in five major areas: Fundamental Studies -- answers basic questions about plasticity-induced crack closure and the adequacy of closure concepts in a wide range of growth behaviors. Experimental Characterization of Closure -- examines one of the most active topics in closure studies. Included are experimental methods of measuring and analyzing crack opening levels and the correct way to incorporate closure information into the effective value of the stress intensity factor range. Load History Effects -- addresses perhaps the most useful application of the crack closure concept, which has been to develop life prediction methods accounting for retardation and acceleration effects under variable-amplitude and spectrum loading methods. Surface Roughness Effects -- explores how roughness interacts with plasticity-induced closure to affect crack growth rates. Several authors address this issue by developing models that include both effects. Closure Effects on Crack Behavior -- investigates how fatigue crack closure, as an intrinsic feature of growing fatigue cracks, can have an influence on many different aspects of crack growth. Organized according to the particular class of closure and including a variety of both experimental and analytical/numerical techniques, STP 1343 is an invaluable resource for all FTG experts.

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